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About Me

I am Jyotish Acharaya From Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi and Research In Astrology under the guidance of Shri K N Rao.

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Advice on Education

Are you a parent, who is worried about your child's future in education? Do you feel that your child is not focusing enough on his/her studies or unable to reap the full benefits for his/her hard work? Are you planning for your child's higher education and wish to know the scope of it?
Find answers to your questions regarding your child’s education with Education Astrology service.

Advice on Career

If you are also facing obstacles and failures in your career, Career Astrology consultation can help you to come out from this situation. You may often hear this from people that this is not the right time to achieve success and get better opportunities to grow in your professional life. To know more about this, you need to explore the career prediction astrology and planetary influence on your job house.

Advice on Marriage

Kundli matching help you find a way to your partner and lead a happy and prosperous married life. Along with Gun Milan, checkout other important aspects such as Nadi Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Gana Dosha and much more.

Advice on Child Birth

Child and pregnancy prediction is a part of Vedic astrology which helps foretell if the couple will be able to beget progeny or not. The horoscopes of both the partners need to be studied to predict child birth from horoscope. Also, there are astrological remedies for child birth problems in spite of no medical problems being found. The most likely question by a female would be when I will get pregnant.

Advice on Property

Everyone dreams of owning property. However, is it possible that everyone can own and earn good returns in property deals? Know it by reading about the real estate astrology. Vedic astrology can help us know house prediction by date of birth on the basis of planetary positions in one's Horoscope. It also indicates the probable period of owning or purchasing a house. This can be done by the use of methods of timing i.e., the dasha system.

Advice on Court Cases

Once a person is involved in the court cases or litigations, the person looks forward towards solution for court cases. Astrology surely can help to win / resolve the court cases.The most important thing here is to see the intent of the person. After understanding the astrological reasons , one can know the chances of losing or wining the court cases. This helps a person to decide whether settlement is better or fighting the court case will be better?

Advice on Diseases

Medical Astrology is the branch of the Astrology that deals with Health and Longevity issues. Each sign and each planet are associated with a number of possible diseases. So it may be said that the native may be affected by such disease or diseases.

Advice on Business & Financial Investment

Complete Corporate Astrological Consultation - Business Progression Chart - Investment Advice

Advice on Overall Prediction Through Birth Chart

The astrological science operates on the framework of horoscopes. This is also known by other names such as the birth chart, natal chart, Janam Kundali, etc. This is an astrological diagram which maps in it, the position of various planets as found at the date, time and place of birth of an individual

Advice on Stock & Financial Markets

The stock market, some people call it gambling or Jua and some says it is a good investment medium. We should accept the real fact that you can make a good amount of money through this, legally. This market is really very volatile and hence very hard to predict exactly what will happen, but always remember it can be hard but not impossible, especially if you take the help of Astrology.

Advice on Visa and Passport

Are you trying to find out a perfect solution for your visa problem? Don’t worry. You can choose visa astrology to solve your visa problem. You can avoid uncertainties, rejection, and hassles for a visa by using astrology.

Advice on Gold Prices

Advice on Missing Person

Advice on Theft

Advice on Ashtamangala Number

Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

About Me

I have worked at very senior positions in the Multinantional companies of Repute M/S Escorts Ltd and Joint Venture with Maruti Udyog Ltd and also got Training In Suzuki Motor Corpn Japan.

I am Jyotish Acharaya From Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi and Research In Astrology under the guidance of Shri K N Rao.

My Schooling from DPS Mathura Road, BSc.Production Engg. From PEC Chandigarh , Attended Diploma In Marketing Management from FMS New Delhi.

Astrology Services

Astrology Consultation

For Astrology Consultation , I want to brief you My Method of Analysis.
I follow a different Procedure for analysis of a Horoscope as Compared to Conventional Astrologers, who use only Birth Charts and by one method onl..

Astrology Teaching

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Teaching Astrology By Tamil Texts and other Relevant Astrology Classics
Prasha Jyotish Semester
Course Details
Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts
Analysing the Q..... Read More

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