In this Article I am going to share my Experiences for the Shakun, Omen and If you listen’s to the call of Nature then one can get answer to most of our Queries and Problems. My experiences even before I was an Astrologer and after becoming an Astrologer are being shared here . If you establish a communication with nature using the 5 elements, shakuns,and omens then one will be blessed with wealth of information.

1. In the Year late 1973 my parents were looking for a match for me and lot of prepositions came forward . One Saturday I told My Parents that this is the Last Sunday for People visiting else we will postpone it for some time . In those days we used to sleep in the verandah and on the Sunday Morning just when I got up I saw a Car passing by my house and a Female sitting at the back and just then the Car came back again I could see the Girl sitting at the back and the parents in the Front . I told my Grand mother Sleeping next to me that today my Marriage will be fixed and the Girl in Question I have seen and where ever these reside will reach their home in just 35 minutes and we will receive a call from them . Accordingly the Call came after 35 minutes and I attended the call and Told them that since my father had gone for a Morning walk we would contact them after a while . After My Father came back I asked him to fix the first appointment with them and cancel any other already fixed. To my surprise and as I expected they were the same people and My Marrige was fixed there. Since I had fixed Sunday the last day and I saw a Girl the first thing on the Sunday I could listen to the call of the nature and therefore also decided to Marry this Girl, Fortunately the Charts also matched well

2. In the year 2002 a Neighbour Girl showed me here horoscope and I remember Jupiter placed in the Lagna and the Partantyar of Jupiter running till 30th July 2002. I told her that her Marriage will be fixed before this date and a Good Looking Boy who would approach her from the North direction from Chandigarh Since my son had come from Chandigarh the same day. She was thrilled and told her Father about it who was also an Astrologer . They gave an advertisement in the News Paper and surprisingly a preposition came exactly what i had mentioned from Chandigarh . Few Days latter When I was driving out of my Drive-way I saw a Smart Sikh gentlemen out side my house and could place him as somebody came to check the reference of this Neighbour Girl from Chandigarh. I postponed my trip and the moment this gentle men entered my house I asked him if he had come to check the references of this Girl . The person replied in affirmative . I then told him that the Boy and Girl in Question would get married , the Person was much surprised and thought I was talking out of my head since the families had not met till then. Latter on the Marriage was fixed on the 30th July 2002. How Could I predict when I had not seen any chart. The Fact is Nature made sure that I met the Person who had come to check the references. If he had come after 2-3 minutes he would have not met me and may have gone without checking the references and had to catch a Train after about 20-30 mintes very near from my house with in a km. Nature made sure that he met me and i gave good account of the Girl and the family so that they could marry .

3. In the year 2009 I was in the Astrology Class and one of the Girls talking to another Girl that her Mother-in Law had Cancer , Just then I intervened and said I would tell you when the Cancer was diagnosed , The Girls were much surprised and asked me how you would tell ?. I told them First listen to the date .I asked her if it was 6th May 2008 to this she said Correct. How I was able to do it was I used the Principle Sura Suram Rahu Rog Harnam and Ketu Rog Karnam, when Rahu and Ketu change signs normally my Research the Cancer Disease is diagnosed . Ketu ingressed in Cancer sign important for Cancer disease.

4. Yet another case when Rahu and Ketu Changed signs on the 14th Jan. 2013. Rahu was again in the sign Scorpio the sign important for Cancer and Ingressing in the sign Libra and My Wife was diagnosed with Cancer. On the 9th-10th Jan. 2013 My Wife experienced a lump in her left breast and on the same day I lost my Diamond Ring. Diamond Ring signifies Venus and Venus has a Declination of 8 years and My age was in the multiple of 8 64 years and Venus was exactly over the natal Venus and I was Running the Dasha of Venus-Rahu supposed to be most enigmatic dasha. I could make out there could be some Problems to my wife concerning Cancer disease since I had also lost the Diamond ring on the same day. Latter when we went to the clinic for investigation and while going there I had another Experience we were walking little faster then the normal speed and the road on which we were walking towards the clinic was being cleaned by the sweeper on this I told my Wife that Cancer will be diagnosed and will be cured since the Road on which we were travelling was dirty and being cleaned by the sweeper, since we were walking fast the disease will also be cured fast. Unfortunately another thing happened simultaneously Drain pipes for drainage were being put in front of my house and all negative energy coming in the house , I immediately asked the MLA concerned to speed up the work specially in front of my house . The Work speeded up and so was the cure but again there were 2 drain holes which were not repaired on the left side of the House . My Wife had also Cancer in the left Breast and 2 blisters erupted again.I went back to the MLA who helped me earlier and the 2 Dainholes were repaired in Priority simultaneously the 2 Blisters were also removed by operation and cured accordingly. By the time the total work of the drainage pipes was done in front of the house my wife also recovered simultaneously. Nature had indicated negative energy pouring in. If I had not bothered to speddup the Drainage work my wife would have suffered more . Nature wants us to keep our ears and eyes open to communicate with nature and watch every activity in the vicinity negative or positive

5. Talking About Rahu who is the most powerful in Hierarchy of planets I predicted About the Famous young Girl Priya Prakash Varrier Success in the Film Industry just by the fact that she was 19 years old . Rahu being the most powerful so called planet return back to the same sign in the natal chart in transit after 18.5 years on this I predicted she would become very famous and any case against her in the court will freeze proved on dot . I did not have any of her Birth details.

5. Similar one for Anil Ambani . Anil Ambani was facing a financial Crunch my wife asked me what will happen to him . I did not have the Birth details but I used the name Anil and Ambani Both start with the letter A and signified by the sign Aries and in Transit Mars was in the sign Aries , I told my wife Ambani’s also signified by Aries sign and the Lord is strong and Mars is also Karka for Co-born hence the Brother Mukesh Ambani will help . My Predictions proved on dot.

6. Read My Article in this connection ” Rahu North Node The Key Planet For Rise and Fall” In this Article I have discussed the Charts of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, My Chart, I have also talked about Priya Prakash Varrier, Nirav Modi and all Predictions on them have proved on dot. In Case of Nirav Modi the Transit of Ketu over the natal Venus in Capricorn was a bolt from the blue for Nirav Modi which was predicted by me and proved on dot, although the exact birth details were not available

7. I was In Dubai going up the escalator and just then when I had almost finished climbing I received a call from a Querist for the Prices of a Particular commodity going up, he wanted to know if the prices will further escalate , I told him the Prices have almost touched the highest level and it will be better if he sell’s since I was to Climb down after some time , hence the Prices of the component may fall down after some days. The Querist sold the Goods and Made Money and after a few days the Prices of the Commodity fell down.

8. My Daughter-Law appeared for an interview and asked me if they would increase the Salary offered to her , just then my wife asked me to give her a cold drink with ice cubes , I could picked up 4 cubes by chance and hence I told my Daughter-in-law to ask a nearest figure multiple of 4 and the employer would agree to it . Surprisingly the Salary offered was 4500 $ and was increased to 4800 dollars when she demanded 5000 $.

9. In the 2nd Week of June 2016 A client came to me and asked for a Glass of Water , the way he drank water I Predicted using the 3 watery signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces. On the Day Moon the Lord of the Cancer sign was debilitated, Mars the Lord of Scorpio Fallen in Libra and Jupiter the Lord of the Sign Pieces Degree- Conjunct with Rahu in Leo in 6/8 axis with Pieces all the Sign Lords were afflicted badly. I told the client that the query was for wealth since the Watery signs govern North and North Direction is ruled By Kuber, I also told him the 2nd query was for his Co-Born handicapped brother and the third for the Property . The Querist was amazed that I could tell his queries without opening any chart or any birth details

10. 14th June 2017 A lady Called me and asked me that she wanted to consult me. I told her I could tell her the colour of the clothes she was wearing , she was much amazed. I told her she was wearing White dress but the top was having black dots . She was much surprised and replied in affirmative , I also Told her the Query is pertaining to her son Marriage and Profession to which she agreed , How I was able to tell was Leo sign was rising at the time of the Query , I knew this and Saturn and Moon in the 5th house and Saturn about to Fall back in some time in the sign Scorpio, In a Query by a women when Saturn and Moon are conjunct and under affliction, the Women has disturbed Marital life and dress will be of the kind I have mentioned. I had also told her about her Disturbed Married life to which she agreed . Saturn and Moon in the 5th house and Saturn a {lanet to change its sign acquired an important dimension and hence the QWuery was of the 5th house . I did not disclose her but knew that her Marriage was not asper the wishes of her Parents and the Spouse deserted her latter on .

11. In early Feb. 2013 I was travelling in a car just when the Car Stopped on the red light point I got a call from a Client who wanted to know the outcome of the interview he had appeared on the 31st Jan 2013. Since the Car had stopped from a running motion there would be obstacles for the native getting the job and the main Planet is Mars for the red light. I knew the planetary positions and Mars posited in the 10th house in the sign of Aquarius at lowest degrees in the chart of Taurus Lagna with Jupiter Placement. I told him that he would certainly get the job which has been offered by a Multinational Company whose owner is a Lady and is represented by a Young Person in the interview from the Human Resource and posing Problems , I could also Calculate the Navamsha since I had to Travel about 4.5 KM in total and the Vehicle stopped at about 3.5 Km. Hence 9 Navamsha in 4.5 km and each Navamsha is of 0.5 Km and the Query was raised with Taurus Lagna and the 8th Navamsha of Leo. I assured him that he would get the job with delay The Predictions Proved on Dot with Delay Fixed sign in the Lagna and the Navamsha Very good and both the Lagna and the Navamsha Lagna connected to Jupiter and Sun Strongly placed in the 9th house the Lagna although Prishtodayo is Urdha mukha and having Jupiter in it a positive parameter.

12. Very Recently in the month of Feb. 2019 I had a Knee problem which aggravated . I was to consult the best Doctor in the City . I was told a Doctor in the North Delhi which was very well known to my close relative and for whom. Appointment for this doctor is given after 1-2 months. My Cousin told me he could he could get the appointment with in a day since his Sister-in Law is very well known to the Doctor. I did not approach the Doctor through my Cousin’s Sister-in-law since she is ill for quite some time. I did not feel comfortable going though the negative energy. I went on the Google and searched for the Doctor and after having a look at the Doctor , I gave Call to the Clinic in Amrit Kaal probably on the 15th Feb. 2019, Since no one picked up I sent a mail for an Appointment. Next Day I got a call when I had finished shaving and was massaging my face just then I got a call from the Doctor’s Clinic. I Predicted the Doctor’s Diagnosis. No Surgery required since I had finished using the Razor for Shaving and there was no blood loss or cut while shaving, rather I was massaging hence the Doctor would tell me to do massaging for Knee and exercise only. Surprisingly The Doctor gave the same analysis.

13. 2-3 years back some where in 2016 I had to go to my Son in Singapore and just about a week before I had a Tooth Problem and after visiting the Dentist who told me since it was a wisdom tooth and surgery may be required and for which we need minimum 21 days for complete healing and medication. I told my wife we are just 1.5 km from the Dentist and have 2 Redlights in between and if I meet a Redlight then I will not go to this doctor else I will get the wisdom tooth removed from him. Fortunately both the redlight points were Green and just about when I turned towards my house My wife told me to turn to wards the Market and I got into Jam and had to reverse my Car and My Wife Joined me back in 5 Minutes. While reversing I saw the Old Dentist Clinic and decided to go to him since I had to Reverse not a good omen and after that from the Old Dentist Clinic I did not face any Jam or any Redlight. After reaching home I opened the Prashna chart and found Moon Exhalted Placed in the Lagna indicated the Doctor is capable and good looking Lady Doctor to whom I had consulted earlier. Next Morning I went to her and as expected she took only 5 minutes to remove the wisdom tooth with out any issues Thus Communication with Nature is most important.

14. A Couple wanted to Consult me for Matching of the Charts for their Son so they came to me in the evening and called me up that they were on my Gate . On reaching the Gate I did not find them and Instead I found them on the 2nd Gate towards the North. I saw the Mother and asked them to come on the other Gate. Just then when they entered my Consultation Room I predicted that the Boy In question will get Married since I saw the Mother and the Girl will be alike the Mother to which they gave a reply in affirmative. I told them that since I did not allow them to enter the house from the North the Girl in question is from the North Direction and this Preposition has come about 6 months Back and they are uncomfortable with this girl, they were surprised and replied in affirmative. I asked them is there an issue for her Nationality or is she Muslim ? To this they were surprised and agreed and told me that their son is in love with this Girl and all the Astrologers have said if the Marriage takes place there will be a divorce. How I could tell them that the Girl is from Dubai ?. My room which I give for tenency is in the North. I had a Tenant about 6 months back who was from Dubai and some identity problems since then the Apartment and the North door was locked. I Related the 6 months old happening with the Parents trying to enter from the North direction and gsve my predictions accordingly. The Parents also did not agree to this Preposition for the last 6 months . On Reaching the Consultation Room I received a Research Parameter for Marrige Matching which was done by Shri K. N Rao. I told them that the mail had come for them and not me . The Mail said that if the DaraKarka for the Boy and Girl are natural Friends and not ill placed from each other in the Rashi and Navamsha in each other Chart then they can Marry. I just Looked at this Parameter and Found the Dara Karka to be Jupiter in both the cases and well Placed from each other both in the Rashi and Navamsha and asked the Parents of the boy not pose any hinderance in the Marriage since it is the will of the Nature that they Marry. They asked me when should they get Married ? I told them that the Day a Tenant comes and hires My Room I will tell you and then you can go ahead with the Ceremonies . Surprisingly I got a Tenant after 2 months and told them to go ahead . The Marriage took Place exactly after 8 Months from the Day they visited me since the Tenant I got was exactly after 8 Months from the Previous Tenant .

I have amazing Experiences and Found Communication with Nature the best way to get the answers to your problems and queries. I have only listed few of them where as I have n number of events in my life which indicate Nature Guides us at every Stage , it is we who ignore it.

All Predictions Proved on Dot

Date 30th July 2019 19-00 hrs
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
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